RAW has a bigger file size because it conaints all the raw info Jpeg only has some of the info. Raw had bettter quality Raw is loseless

3 yes you can

4 you would shoot it raw to have all data

Pop Art


Roy Lichtenstein

1 pop art is a art baed on modern popular culture

w ryo art is considered pop because it uses the colors of pop culture and has the style

Camera modes

Auto picks the shutter speed and the iso. this mode gives good results .

portrait mode selects a large aperture . it helps the background out of focus.

macro mode takes nice close up pics. tripods are useful with this mode.

sports mode helps capture fast movment. its good to use doing a action picture ‘

night mode helps caputure pictures during the night . If you want to use this mode its mostly for night.

movie mode gives good quality. it helps also during action